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Virteo is an exchange and management platform allowing you to recover unpaid invoices by a large and growing community of connected court bailiffs and lawyers.

Virteo allows companies to share, manage and report large volumes of files in the credit collection proces, effectively improving bottom line results in the order-to-cash process.

“Get overdue invoices paid faster and reduce credit collection costs”

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About Virteo

Virteo is a young company: they started in 2013 and still possess the exciting DNA of a startup. The legal sector is their environment: think of court bailiffs and lawyers. Virteo enables legal service professionals to provide integrated high volume services to large and medium sized end-customers. Optimized processes increase cycle speed and provide instant visibility while lowering costs.

Virteo's SaaS solution and platform help companies with their order-to-cash process. They cover the total debt collection and legal enforcement process for unpaid claims and for the enforcement process of court decisions. Virteo have proven to be an absolute game changer. Their main focus is on business model innovation, technology and usability. To get the best results, Virteo invests thoroughly in their team - their people.

Virteo streamlines the order-to-cash process while lowering the cost. They seamlessly integrate the dunning, collection and litigation process into internal or outsourced processes. 

Corporations, SME’s and public institutions seamlessly integrate collection and recovery in their order-to-cash process. They define who provides the service, who handles which cases, what process steps are internal or external and what their KPI’s are. Virteo assists these organisations with the following elements:

  • Centralized process control

Virteo helps customers configure every step in the dunning process according to their policy. From first reminder to legal enforcement and all steps in between.

  • Manage and control internal and external services

Virteo lets customers choose which steps are handled internally and which are handled by the company's community of lawyers and judicial officers.

  • Choose who provides the service

Customers can choose how case files are allocated: according to their vendor policy, according to debtor location or according to KPI's.

  • Reports and dashboards

All actions are performed directly in the platform; the client's files are complete and up-to-date at all times, allowing for clear reports and dashboards.

  • No file exchanges anymore

All service providers - lawyer, judicial officer, or any other party cutomers whish to engage - work on the same data on the platform.

  • Increase transparency

All documents, all costs, every action is in the platform and can be viewed and evaluated. Hidden costs or hidden delays are impossible. The service provider performance can easily be measured.


Clients and projects

Virteo assists a large number of corporations and public institutions as well as court bailiffs and lawyers. 


Working at Virteo

First of all, you will join a young and enthusiastic team, full of ideas. Besides this, you will join a company that is about to grow to a next level. An exciting development: Virteo only wants the best to join them in their journey. Virteo creates top teams with motivated and highly skilled people. In return, they try their utmost to be the best employer. At Virteo they empower you to develop yourself and your skill set even further. Not in nice marketing slogans, but in day-to-day real life.

The core values at Virteo are authenticity, respect and freedom. They believe in engagement and personal well-being. Virteo embraces the new way of working, where traditional hierarchy, fixed working hours or workplaces make way for an informal and flat structure with flexibility in time and place of work.

The teams at Virteo are self-steering teams. The outcome is what counts, not the input.


Where is Virteo located?

Virteo is easily accessible due to the fact that it is located right next to the highway A1. The office is situated at the Generaal Dewittelaan 9C/16 in Mechelen, Belgium.  If you travel by car, you don’t have to worry about parking: there’s plenty of space.




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