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The Digital Administration Platform is Skryv’s flagship product. This low-dev application platform provides all the building blocks you need to quickly assemble digital workflow applications, ranging from smart subsidies to permit handling.

About Skryv

Skryv is a young company specialised in services & software for smart administration, optimally digital.

Using an in-house developed platform and building on strong consulting and IT delivery experience, Skryv helps organisations to build intuitive solutions to streamline complex procedures and to reduce the throughput time of administrative processes. This to simplify the life of many citizens and companies! Within days they give you a comprehensive view of the bottlenecks in your current workflow and a detailed roadmap on how to improve.

Working at Skryv

In 2014, Skryv started with 3 and they're now with a team of 10. The team is the place where all the magic happens and knowledge grows. So they ask a lot of questions within the team. Like "why do we work for Skryv?". They found 4 common themes (and a bonus one).

1. They want to shape a growing company
Skryv is a growing company in which each of the Skryvers has a big impact. No matter the role one takes, he or she receives ownership of a part of the organisation, and the possibility to shape and co-create the future evolution of Skryv. In other words, there is plenty of room for entrepreneurial mindsets.

2. They want to shape their work
None of the roles is set in stone and all are open for improvement. So they all have the opportunity (and responsibility!) to optimise the way they do their work and take up (new) roles.
The key is that they - as a team - deliver results. 

3. They want to learn & grow
The more they know and the more they are able to do, the better they will be at having a positive impact, getting to self-organising, 
So they created an environment of active coaching and constant learning. This happens on the job through discussions with colleagues, peer reviews, ... But also more formal trainings, conferences, books, ... are on the learning agenda.

4. They seek and live respect
Finally, they believe that the only way to treat people is with respect. So they listen to understand and take the time to explain their point of view and come to the best solution. They pay a lot of attention to respectful communication, constructive handling of differences in opinion and providing actionable feedback.

... and of course they have fun :)
No need to be serious all the time! Every 2nd Thursday of the month, they go for a drink, play games and have a relaxed portion of fun: Thirsty Thursday!

Where is Skryv located?

The office of Skryv is located near the centre of Brussels. With busstop and a subway station just around the corner, the company can be reached in many different ways. 


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