A team of positive-minded enthusiasts who help you with getting valuable software products as fast as possible in the hands of your users.

ZinderLabs is founded by people who both embrace the need for sound software engineering as the creativity of web-technology. We are a place where both Clean Coders, DDD-believers and JavaScript-maniacs practice their craft. Let’s say: Expert Software Engineering meets Creative Web-Technology.

14 jobs

Java Team Lead bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3072
Full-stack JavaScript Developer bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3047
Full-stack Developer (.NET/JS) bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3043
Junior Full-stack Developer (.NET/JS) bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3044
Medior Full-stack Developer (.NET/JS) bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3045
Senior Full-stack Developer (.NET/JS) bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3046
Junior Full-stack JavaScript Developer bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3048
Medior Full-stack JavaScript Developer bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3049
Senior Full-stack JavaScript Developer bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3050
Frontend Web-App Developer bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3039
Junior Frontend Web-App Developer bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3040
Medior Frontend Web-App Developer bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3041
Senior Frontend Web-App Developer bij ZinderLabsKONTICH3042