They continuously improve the quality of all systems, making people happier to create exceptional products.

Fixing systems, not people

Qteal believes bad working systems are preventing people to be happy in creating their best work.
Qteal apply their mission of "fixing systems, not people" with a focus on Software Quality in Embedded devices. 
Qteal stands for consistently and rapidly delivering the best "QUALITY" products while working as a "TEAL" self guiding team.
As embedded software engineer you are driven to share improvements making people happier and better products.

Working at Qteal

Qteal's own operations are continuously innovated applying the teal, self guiding principles inspired by the "Reinventing Organisations" book.
Qteal has unique systems on Mobility, Personal investment, Profit sharing, internal Crowd funding,..
What will be your next idea we implement to improve our own working system ?

Where is Qteal located?

No more traffic jams, their locations are bottleneck free (Herentals Frame21)

2 jobs

Embedded Software Quality Engineer bij QTEAL HERENTALS3797
Medior Embedded Software Quality Engineer bij QTEAL HERENTALS3798