At Enervalis, they believe the world is evolving to 100% green energy production and that most of the energy consumption will be electric. This is the only way to keep our climate and planet healthy.This transition causes the electrical grid to become more and more unstable, which can lead to power outages. Enervalis' mission is to predict and steer the energy system with software, to support a cost-effective green energy society.


About Enervalis

Enervalis believes that close to 100% green energy is possible by mid century, but this brings high imbalans of supply and demand with it and accompanying costs and thus de-favouring green energy penetration. Therefore Enervalis mission is to build the operating system of the future energy networks to support mass-market energy services which can enable maximal green energy. The operating system has 3 application verticals: smart EV, Smart Buildings and Smart Microgrids. These latter are considered by Enervalis to be the cornerstone of the future network architecture: the internet of energy.

Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) charging:

In order to maximize the local green energy usage and electrical connection capacity while minimizing the charging costs, Enervalis developed Smart EV charging. This is done by providing sun & wind forecasts, all available sources and the available charging infrastructure.

Energy clever buildings:

Enervalis aims to upgrade buildings in order to optimize in-house energy consumtion towards locally-produced green energy supply from the sun, wind, bio, deep-earth heat, deep-ocean cooling, CHP and batteries. Moreover Enervalis creates cost-savings by trading energy on the wholesale market and tries to become partially independent from the public grid. 

Moreover, Enervalis also Renovates existing- or constructs new buildings to leverage the aforementioned energy sources..

Intelligent Micro-Grids:

Lastly,Enervalis operates with Intelligent Micro Grids, which aims to extend the “Energy-Clever Buildings” proposition to communities of several buildings linked to 1 grid transformer or coupling multiple such communities. This results in local trading of energy supply and demand from locally produced sources and the reduction of energy net operators infrastructure maintenance and the upgrade costs. 

moreover the Intelligent Micro-Grids  enables extensive and even full independance from the public-grid (off-grid) and provides a resiliant and secure energy supply. 

Customers & Partners

Enervalis works with leading "smart city" municipalities and companies in the Electric Vehicle, Construction and Utilities industries throughout Europe.

Where is Enervalis located?

The European HQ is established in Houthalen-Helchteren in Belgium in the Greenville Campus. This campus hosts sustainable companies and focusses on cleantech. 

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