In a world where devices connect and the web integrates seamlessly, web technology ties it all together.  That is what 23 seconds does.

What 23 Seconds does.

Where HTML and CSS form a sleek, user friendly interface JavaScript will bring it to life, transforming it into a reactive and responsive experience and closing the gap between the physical and digital world. JavaScript is strongly becoming the one and only true cross-device / cross-platform language of choice. Delivering mobile and desktop applications, automating your home, integrating in your hardware devices, doing more with less power and transpiling wherever the bridge hasn’t been build yet. Effectively it’s all around you.

Working at 23 seconds.

23 Seconds is aiming to become the #1 Javascript Competence Center in the world. They strongly believe they can take on the world using nothing but Javascript and still find time to tackle Friday evenings with a beer in our hand. Their mission is no easy task and requires clever, motivated and creative developers.

Are you the kind of developer who likes thinking outside the box? Do you embrace new technology like an old friend? Then you might have what it takes to join our team.

Where can I find 23 seconds?

You can find 23 seconds about 15 kilometers south of Antwerp in the town of Kontich.

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